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What to Wear When Going Out in NYC

Last week, I spent a weekend partying in New York City and it was INCREDIBLE! Not only was it my first time being of legal age, but it was my first time going there with some money to spend, so needless to say I was out partying the night away in style. I spent WAYYY too much money on clothes and some jewelry, but sometimes a girl has to look like a million bucks right? Luckily the partying part was taken care by this awesome local NYC party planner. It allowed me to focus on what was most important. Dressing up in cute clothes! Here are some tips on how to dress to impress when you go out partying in NYC.

nyc club

Like Aubrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, New York is ICONIC. It’s timeless, stylish and it has an attitude. Packing for the trip, I knew I wanted to spend my money where it mattered, seeing the city and the nightlife, and not on adding more pieces to my wardrobe, so I chose functional, versatile pieces. Being a professional procrastinator and having a severe case of FOMO I knew I would have to choose one outfit that would carry me through the night, and not make several stops to change or update my look based on where I was headed. But New York City being what it is, quality over quantity and a good eye can carry you from the trendy little restaurant in the Meatpacking District all the way to a rooftop party and behind some of the most exclusive velvet ropes.

If I was going to be a twenty-first century Holly Golightly, I guess I would go for a little black dress, but seriously who is comfortable in an outfit everyone else is wearing anyway? Dress codes vary, anything from no flat shoes, to no rules at all, so I opted for my leather Helmut Lang jacket, a white silk blouse, gray Genetic jeans and some killer Schutz heeled sandals I picked up at their flagship in the city. I guess from there I let my accessories do the talking.

There are literally millions of people going out in NYC at night. So try to be unique (although that is sometimes hard to do). I suggest showing your true colors with a nice necklace or scarve. Also, speaking of scarves, remember that New York City gets friggin cold during the winter months. So forget about wearing that cute mini-skirt that you bought at Forever 21, and make sure to pack some warmer clothes. But if the skirt is really cute, you can always let the alcohol warm you up!

So to recap…

  1. be unique
  2. dress for the season
  3. remember the dress codes
  4. let the accessories talk
  5. dress to impress

If you are wondering where I went out every night, I did it all! Thanks to an amazing party planning and bottle service company in New York called Birthdays & Bottles. Check out their website or hit them up on Facebook.

Diamonds. Perfect For Every Occasion.

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One’s life path can be changed forever with a wedding engagement. Therefore, it is naturally considered one of life’s most special occasions. Many people often say that they are emotionally drawn to the engagement rings that they pick for their fiancés. For this reason, when looking for jewelry stores in Louisville Kentucky to choose an engagement ring, you want to make sure that you do your research and choose a diamond retailer that understands this emotional connection and important milestone.
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Anniversaries are another important milestone of romantic relationships. Diamonds shouldn’t be given every year, but should be considered on special anniversaries. But there are plenty of meaningful gifts that can be found from jewelry stores in Louisville Kentucky. An eternity ring or a pendent with the sign of eternity may be considered as an alternative to diamonds. Both full and half eternity rings can be acquired. It is symbolic as an eternal form of love.


Diamonds have been said to be a girl’s best friend. It is hard to find anything more special than a diamond given to the women that you love. Whether a diamond ring, necklace or gold pendant, they all say I love you and happy birthday quite nicely. All of these jewelry sets can be purchased from Genesis Diamonds as well any other Louisville jewelry retailer.

As you can see, diamonds are a perfect gift for nearly any occasion. We all know that any clothing item, whether a classy dress or a short skirt and blouse. A visit to a local diamond store in Louisville Kentucky can ensure that you find a really great deal and special gift for your better half.

Now I will leave you with some of the most expensive diamonds on earth….

How To Get Started With A Clothing Business in Louisville, KY

If you’re looking for a way to earn decent money while enjoying your passion for business, you can start your own clothing business. You can open a traditional clothing store or an online shop. It depends on your personal preference and the budget you have. It helps to have a certain niche when opening a clothing business since the retail industry is broad.

Types of clothing businesses.

For example, if you are interested in providing clothes for senior citizens who are still working, you can open a shop that offers comfortable yet stylish work wear for senior citizens. It also helps to create a business plan that includes projected sales, your marketing plan, the amount of funds you need for the business, mission of the company and who will make up your team. Here are some additional tips on starting a clothing business.

start and clothing business

You don’t want to create the same clothing business others have done before so it’s important that you research your competitors in this industry. Find out what makes them successful and look at the demographics that they are not catering to yet because there is a possibility that you’ll be able to capitalize on this and succeed with your clothing business.

Financial part of the business.

You should also understand the financial aspect of a clothing business because without a knowledge of the finances, your business will suffer. Research the expenses associated with this kind of business such as the costs of suppliers, distributors for your clothing, cost of purchasing a building or the costs of an online store, marketing expenses and the expenses of maintaining a staff. It helps to hire a tax attorney to help you with the taxes that are a part of small business.

It is not an easy task to start a clothing business but with determination and the above mentioned strategies, you can excel at it.